Rajavin Parvaiyile Director shares his working experience with Ajith


In this article, we bring you the thoughts of director Janaki Soundar, the only director who was blessed to bring both Vijay and Ajith together onscreen in the Rajavin Parvaiyile.

“Ajith is a very friendly person who naturally likes to help people. We need not ask him at all, if you are in need of any help, he would be the first person to lend his helping hand. He likes to groom upcoming artists. He gives chances to lesser known artists. Appukutty is a classic example. I get to know about his helping tendency through others. Recently too, he had done monetary favours to one boxing master who worked in Yennai Arindhaal. I got to know that through one of my sources. After Rajavin Parvaiyile shooting, Ajith invited me to his house and introduced me to his father and mother. Basically, he is a very nice human being. Ajith used to share his personal details with me, about the insults he faced during his early days. He has struggled a lot to reach this position, and he used to work incredibly hard those days. He used to have a bike and used to commute only through that. Vijay and Ajith used to share an excellent rapport back then. They were very close and used to keep chatting all the time. Ajith, Vijay and me used to eat together. One scene in the film where Ajith gets beaten and Vijay has to take revenge for that. That scene mainly came out realistically well only because of their friendship. In Rajavin Parvaiyile, Vijay played main lead while Ajith had a relatively small role. Ajith was an established actor even back then, but he agreed to act in the film only because of the passion that he has for cinema.”

Courtesy : Behindwoods


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