He is a Hero not just in films – Anjaneya Director opens on Ajith


Today we got in touch with director N Maharajan who made Anjaneya with Ajith.

“Take anyone in the film industry, a director, actor or any other technician, they would enter the field with the hope to sustain in their respective terrains. But here was this man Ajith, who wanted to become a big star even before starting to act.

He always wanted to make it big, and that conviction helped him grow faster. He speaks with such diction and command. A very talented actor who does not mind taking risks in spite of his health condition. Hits and flops do not matter to him. He is a passionate actor, and whenever he likes his own work, he invites directors and shows his best works. Now, even if he wants, he cannot change the superstar tag associated with him.”

N Maharajan talks about one mass heroic moment of Ajith while shooting for Anjaneya at a college in Chennai.

“It was the last day of shoot in the college. Unfortunately, there was some miscommunication and the college students got furious and bashed few members from our shooting crew. It became a big issue. My brother who was an AD in the film said that he will go and talk to the students and sort the issue out.

But Ajith sir stopped him and said he will go. He stated that the students might know my brother but since Ajith is a known face, they would at least listen once before hitting him. Secondly, he said- ‘I speak too many heroic dialogues in my films. What is the purpose if I am not able to save a unit with 100 members in it?’

I feel he has earned a lot of fans because of this quality of his. He is a hero not just in films. Happy birthday Ajith sir.”

Courtesy : Behindwoods


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