“Ajith was meant to do good for the people through politics” – Says Director Raj Kapoor


Director Raj Kapoor, who has directed 2 films with actor Ajith Kumar namely, Aval Varuvala and Anantha Poongatre, has had some special experiences and memories working with Thala Ajith.  He said:

Ajith sir has an easy going character. He is someone who stood on his own feet and won as a star. He did not have anyone’s support and all he had was hope and hard work. Even a banner needs support to stand but he didn’t need it. He likes me a lot and always calls me Ji. He tackles all his problems well and has emerged as a huge star.

When he worked with us, he was an upcoming hero. Back then itself he had a slight salt and pepper look. I was the first director to give him the beard. I told him he will be a big star one day. He did Aval Varuvala and Ananthe Poongatre with me and I was the first one to experiment to get a strong B and C market for him. Ajith sir used to surrender the actor in him to me and I really wish I work again with him. He does not like publicity and has a great helping tendency. If he believes someone he trusts them for life.

Back then, Simran used to have only 2 hours of free time to shoot with us in a day. We had pleasant memories of shooting in VGP. We shot ‘Selayila Veedu Kattava’ song in exactly 1.5 days. After Aval Varuvala was over, Ajith sir had an operation. By then everyone else had decided to give dates to another actor. But I was confident about Ajith sir and I visited him in the hospital and we started shooting in Udhayam theatre and Mount Road soon after his recovery. We asked him not to strain and lift any heavy rocks. But he cooperated and finished every hard scene after putting up with his pain. According to his horoscope, he was meant to do good for the people through politics and he has now become a huge star in cinema. He is the replacement for Superstar and is an amazing human being.


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